Tech and Politics

Andreas Jungherr


2023-11-16 22 min Season 2 Episode 4 Andreas Jungherr

Description & Show Notes

This episode sketches the tensions that arise from the drive to generate data-enabled insights and people's expectations and rights to privacy.

The natural corollary to quantification and data-driven insight and capabilities is privacy. The simple formula is the more data, the greater the potential analytical insights, the greater the capacity of organizations, companies, or states to make profits, shape people's option spaces, or the future. People's interests and rights in keeping aspects of their lives, character traits, interests, and behavior private can appear as an annoying speed-bump on the road to greater capacity and profits. This is especially relevant in the collection and use of data documenting people's uses of digital devices or services.

New capabilities in data collection, retention, and their uses raise hopes and desires within companies and governments for access to ever more data on ever more users on ever more aspects of the world. But here, interests between companies, governments, and users do not necessarily align and might in fact diverge. Greater capacity of companies and governments might run counter to the interests and rights of people who find themselves documented in data.