Tech and Politics

Andreas Jungherr

The impact of artificial intelligence on elections and people's informational autonomy

2022-05-13 28 min Season 1 Episode 8 Andreas Jungherr

Description & Show Notes

In this and the following episode, we will be talking about artificial intelligence and its impact on democracy. In this episode, we will start by discussing AI's role in elections and its impact on people's informational autonomy.

AI raises questions with regard to the integrity of elections as an adjudication process for the conflict between political factions. In the age of the perceived predictability of people's political attitudes and behavior, can there be free and fair elections in which each faction conceivably might rise to power?

Is it still plausible that people are able to make political and societal decisions? For one, are information environments shaped by artificial intelligence based on the preferences of people still adequate to the task of creating informed publics able to form political opinions according to their interests? Going further, are scenarios provided by AI to experts about the future of complex issues not better decision makers than the people following their passions and their interests? How does democratic decision making hold up against this new environment.


00:00 - Introduction
04:46 - Artificial intelligence and elections
14:09 - Artificial intelligence and people's informational autonomy
15:45 - Free expression
19:02 - Access to information
21:28 - Manipulation
23:30 - Expert rule
26:49 - Conclusion

Script to episode with references and further readings: